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What is Cork? 
Cork is composed of dead cells that accumulate on the outer surface of the cork oak tree  that mostly grows on the southwest Europe and northwest Africa regions, being the majority here in Portugal (34% of the world cork forests).

Is the Cork tree harmed when it's harvested?
 Harvesting cork it’s an ancient method that can only be done by experts. This process not only doesn’t harm the tree, it’s actually good for them. Stripping a cork oak of its bark also enhances the ability to absorb carbon dioxide; the seven million acres of cork forest around the Mediterranean offset 20 million tons of CO2 each year.

Vegan Leather

Cork is one of the best vegan and Eco-friendly fabric out there. Plus it has a unique look that just screams quality. 

Cork fabric will be rolled and sent in postal tube. Due to Australia Post size restriction we can not send a roll that is longer than 100cm so the largest qty we can send in one piece is 140cm x 100cm 

High quality, upholstery weight, Portuguese natural cork fabric. Perfect for sewing on a home sewing machine! Great for bags and wallets. It is created by adhering thin slices of natural cork onto a Poly/Cotton fabric backing.

Care Instructions:
- Do NOT iron (the heat can damage the bond between the cork and the backing fabric)
- Clean by wiping with a wet cloth
- Do not wash 
- Do not bleach
- Do not tumble dry
- Do not machine wash
- If gluing only use water based glues

While we make every effort to represent colour accurately, every monitor is different and we cannot guarantee the colours you see will exactly match the colours of actual fabric.

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